Rubblization is a cost-effective means of rehabilitating deteriorated portland cement concrete (PCC) pavements and is one of a series of "fractured slab" techniques. In Rubblization the existing concrete pavement is broken into an aggregate base, and then it is overlaid with a designed thickness of asphalt concrete. The purpose of Rubblization of concrete pavement  is to produce a structurally sound base which prevents reflective cracking in the full-depth asphalt pavement by fracturing the concrete and then rolling it thereby obliterating the existing pavement distresses and eliminating future slab action. This technique minimizes delays and allows for construction during off-peak hours. The Rubblized PCC is left in place and used as part of the new pavement structure. This not only saves landfill space and the costly construction necessary to dispose of wasted material, but uses the material for a beneficial and cost saving purpose.

In Illinois, Rubblization has been used by the Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, airports, and numerous local public agencies.