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Asphalt Pavement Alliance
Ensuring Drivability: Challenges and Solutions for America's Roads


As our nation's infrastructure ages, and the demands upon our transportation network grow, smart decisions need to be made for our economic future. Asphalt pavements offer cost-effective, high performing solutions. Taking into account today's limited budgets, asphalt offers the return on investment required to meet the needs of road users and pavement designers.

There are many reasons that highway engineers and motorists prefer asphalt. Asphalt pavements ensure the smooth, quiet, and safe ride that drivers demand. Most roads are constructed in layers, with each layer playing its part in delivering the best infrastructure possible. When it's all put together, asphalt pavements can handle the toughest traffic punishment. Asphalt pavements also provide the flexibility and solutions necessary to improve, repair, or change the road system as traffic volume and demands change. With asphalt, maintenance and repair can be handled cost effectively with minimal impact on road users.

Simply stated, asphalt pavements are designed and built to last.

Benefit #1 – Smooth

Benefit #2 – Sustainable

Benefit #3 – Economical

Benefit #4 – Speed of Construction

Benefit #5 – Quiet

Benefit #6 – Versatile

Benefit #7 – Safety