Safety on the road goes beyond responsible driving practices — Americans want their roads to be well-maintained to ensure a safe, smooth ride. When pavement is rough, uneven, or made hazardous by weather conditions, drivers and their families may be put at risk. Substandard roads can cause a loss of vehicle control, driver fatigue, and an increase in frequency of lost-load accidents. As pavement serviceability decreases and roughness increases, traffic-related crashes are also likely to increase. For these reasons, keeping roads in a state of good repair and ensuring a smooth pavement with a high level of performance is important.

Asphalt is the answer to building and maintaining smooth, good roads for safety. From technologies like open-graded asphalt pavements to natural attributes like strong gripping power and skid-resistance, asphalt provides drivers with an even, smooth surface that can keep them and their families safe. Using open-graded asphalt has been proven to reduce traffic accidents and related fatalities, and asphalt pavements typically require less deicing treatments than other pavements.

Because asphalt pavements are quick to construct and easy to maintain, they can be kept smoother and safer more cost-effectively over the years. Asphalt's naturally smooth and skid-resistant surface helps to maintain quality roadway conditions and reduce the cost of maintaining your vehicle.