The Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association (IAPA) is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) trade association composed of Hot Mix Asphalt producers serving the Illinois market and affiliated companies. Since our founding in 1938, IAPA has been serving as an industry resource and a vital communications channel for those involved in virtually every facet of the asphalt industry in Illinois. Originally, the organization was known as the Illinois Bituminous Distributors. In 1941, the name was changed to the Illinois Blacktop Roads Association and ultimately, renamed the Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association in 1967.

The MISSION of IAPA is to:

  • Promote the improvement and advancement of quality asphalt pavement construction in Illinois;
  • Provide assistance to members in the areas of research, technical specifications, environmental issues, education, promotion, government relations, and other related areas; and
  • Educate potential owners and designers of asphalt pavements as to the pavement's characteristics and benefits.


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  • Support Peoria County Transportation Sales Tax Referendum

    The maintenance and projects needs of Peoria County roads exceed its current share of Motor Fuel Tax and County Highway Budget. On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, Peoria County voters will have the opportunity to invest in the county's infrastructure by voting for a sales tax increase to fund critical highway infrastructure projects.

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  • Member Profile - Cargill

    Cargill's Anova™ Asphalt Solutions offers a full line of unique bio-based chemistries: modifiers, rejuvenators, anti-strip additives and emulsifiers.

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  • Member Profile - InstroTek

    InstroTek is proud to be the leader in products and technology development for the construction and raw materials industry.

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The Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association works closely with other state and national associations on common issues. Please select the logo to the right to visit some of our partners websites. For a complete list of partners, please visit our PARTNERS page.